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About Us

About Us

In Van Linings is an Irish based commercial van ply lining fitting and van shelving company serving all makes and models of vans with over 20 years experience. We are also very proud to be the main agent in Ireland and UK for Tecnolam van shelving. Tecnolam is an Italian company which designs and manufactures top of the range shelving, racking and storage units for vehicles and workshop premises. Tecnolam offers a huge range of modular units as well as the option for unique and custom solutions depending on the needs of the individual customer.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create suitable design solutions for any Vehicle and our commitment to always delivering the highest quality workmanship in every fit out. We believe a van fit out is a great way to maximize your van's storage space while also keeping your tools, equipment and stock safe and secure during transport.


Got my van ply lined recently. Some job, very professional, tidy & for all the custom work I got done very reasonable. Thanks again for the great work, Brendan & all your team

- Brendan McElherron

Excellent service ! Came to my work in Dundalk and all done within 2 hours ! Lovely tidy job and a good fair price !

- Alan Joynt

Best in the country at his job. Without a shadow of a doubt.

- Alan Kieran

Tecnolam Van Shelving

Our van shelving range consists of drawers, shelves with dividers or removable plastic containers, cabinets and drawers with removable metal suitcases plus a whole range of accessories such as extendable gutter, drawer units with tilting drawers, tilting vice holder, roll holder paper, soap dispenser, cans with water tap and many other accessories for any need.

The TI-VAN professional shelving van system allows you to better organize your vehicle’s space. Arranging your van means turning the cargo compartment into a real mobile workshop. Tecnolam, aware of all this, achieves these items by guaranteeing robustness and reliability at very competitive prices. The product range TI VAN – van equipment solutions- is characterized by high quality standard and great flexibility at very competitive prices. Thanks to the modular products, they can be combined in many different ways, and you can include various accessories.

If you were looking for Ply Shelving for your Van please click here.

As well as the product range below you can also view sample van fit outs and product videos via the links below.

Tecnolam Fit Outs Tecnolam Videos

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TI-CAR 4000

TI-CAR 4001

TI-CAR 4002

TI-CAR 4003

TI-CAR 4004

TI-CAR 4005

TI-CAR 4006

TI-CAR 4007

TI-CAR 4008

TI-CAR 4009

TI-CAR 4010

TI-CAR 4011

TI-CAR 4012

TI-CAR 4013


TI-CAR 4014

TI-CAR 4015

TI-CAR 4016

TI-CAR 4017

TI-CAR 4018

TI-CAR 4019

TI-CAR 4020

TI-CAR 4021

TI-CAR 4022

TI-CAR 4023

TI-CAR 4024

TI-CAR 4025

TI-CAR 4026

DEF 301

DEF 302

DEF 303

DEF 304

DEF 305

DEF 306

DEF 307

DEF 308

DEF 309

DEF 310

DEF 311

DEF 313

DEF 314

DEF 315

A reminder that as well as the product range above you can also view sample van fit outs and product videos via the links below.

Tecnolam Fit Outs Tecnolam Videos